Saturday, 11 May 2013

Greetings from Chris at Loch, in beautiful Sth Gippsland.

OK, so let's get the ball rolling. Robyne has so kindly set all this up for us, now we need to make it interesting for us all and hopefully people will come and visit.
I know you have all seen my rugs but for the sake of interest, I will post them here again.

[1] Floral window
This is my first ever rug. My colours are limited here as my stash was rather small. I even used fabrics that are frowned upon, like wool garbadine.  I used mostly but not all recycled wools. 

[2] The Way, Truth and the Life
My second rug was mostly done while holidaying in our motorhome to the north coast of Oz. I dyed the dark wool in an old pan I bought at an Op Shop using black Rit dye and red, blue and yellow food colouring. It was such fun. I also dyed white Dorr wool with very weak food dye for the centre backound. I edged this rug with a crocheted edge. I have yet to master the art  and patience of whipping.

[3] Outback Sunset
This, my third rug was started when I did a workshop with Heather Ritchie at Strathalbyn last October. She taught us how to hook from a photograph. This rug is 30" x 31" and I used wool, silk, fleece, and wool yarn. It also has a crocheted edge.
Did I say I love hooking??

[4] Bag made from a  square
This sample square was started at the Strathalbyn workshop in Oct. 2012. I finished it in January 2013 and made it into a bag, which subsequently went to a good home.

[5] Square sampler
This square was started in Dec 2012 and finished Jan 2013. I love the bright colours. It became a gift for a dear friend.

This is the start of my memories love rug. I just love the rugs I have seen on the net and have wanted to do one for a while. I won't be working on it for a couple of months now as we'll be leaving for WA on Monday.

This is the rug I will be working on while on holidays. My 'hubby' rug. It is more portable than my Love Rug and fits beautifully on my rug frame [with the help of some clamps that is...:)]
I hope to be visiting rug hookers along the way in SA and WA.
Have a great second meeting at Anne's in June. I hope to hear all about it by email or alternatively on this blog.
..."didn't happen though did it!"

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